How to Apply Essence Mascara For Volume


Are you ready to unlock the power of your mascara wand and achieve those mesmerizing, head-turning lashes? Whether you are a makeup pro or just starting, mascara is your trusty sidekick for a stunning eye transformation. It's no wonder that mascara is a timeless makeup essential, capable of elevating your entire look. The clean beauty trend champions its ability to enhance your natural lash length and shape, effortlessly making you look more awake. With an array of mascara formulas and application techniques at your disposal, the possibilities are endless. Let's explore the mascara world and discover how to pop those lashes!

Essence Mascara: The Game-Changer

We often consider mascara the finishing touch to our makeup routine, but what if we told you it could be the key to a natural and effortless everyday look? Whether running errands or heading out for a casual brunch, a touch of mascara can work wonders in just a couple of minutes.

Choose Your Mascara Wisely

Choosing the right mascara for your lashes is the first step. Mascara formulas abound, each designed to deliver different results – volume, length, curl, or a combination. Whatever your preference, we've got you covered with a foolproof technique that works for any mascara, including Essence Mascara.

Ultimate Mascara Tips Every Woman Should Know

Let's explore some expert tips to maximize the potential of your mascara and achieve those enviable lashes.

Mix and Match for the Perfect Look

Layering is the secret sauce to achieving the best mascara look. Not all mascaras can do it all, so consider mixing and matching formulas to cater to your specific needs. Start with a coat of volumizing mascara on both eyes, allow it to dry, and then apply a lengthening or waterproof formula. Experiment until you find the ideal combination that doesn't clump.

Fresh Mascara is Essential

Say goodbye to clumps with fresh mascara! Stale mascara is a one-way ticket to clumping. Replace your mascara every two to three months. You can revive a drying tube in a pinch by placing it in hot water or diluting it with a few eye drops, but these should be last-resort solutions. A fresh tube is your best bet!

Focus on the Tips for Length

To achieve ultimate length:

  • Concentrate on the tips of your coated lashes.
  • Hold the mascara brush over the tips and apply the additional product with quick, upward strokes.
  • Remove excess product from the brush's tip to prevent clumping and work vertically for the best results.

Curl Before Applying Mascara

Always curl your lashes before applying mascara to avoid breakage. Curling after mascara application can lead to unnatural bends. Hold the curler for a long-lasting curl for at least 8 to 10 seconds. For an extra boost, warm your lash curler with a hair dryer (carefully!) to avoid singed lashes.

Use Eyelash Primer

Just as you use primer on your skin, an eyelash primer enhances mascara's staying power and helps thicken and separate lashes. Apply one or two coats of primer to your lashes, wait at least 30 seconds, and then move on to mascara for flawless results.

Cover and Separate Every Lash

Ensure that every lash is coated by angling your mascara wand vertically when reaching the outer and inner corners of your eyes and those hard-to-reach corner lashes. Switch to a diagonal downward angle to separate and remove any clumps, especially on your upper lashes' tips.

Spoolie Brush for Clump Prevention

A spoolie brush is your ally in preventing clumps. Use it to spread mascara evenly and remove excess product after a second coat. A clean disposable spoolie works wonders, or you can repurpose an old mascara wand (clean it thoroughly first).

Bend Your Wand

Consider bending your mascara wand 90 degrees for better control and less smudging. If you're concerned about damaging your wand, opt for disposable mascara wands.

Coat Both Sides for Intense Volume

If you have light lashes, ensure a dark, voluminous effect by brushing mascara on both sides of your upper lashes. Start with the top side to avoid weighing down your lashes, then brush them back up from the underside. This ensures that all angles of your lashes are coated for maximum impact.


With these mascara secrets in your beauty arsenal, you're well on your way to achieving voluminous, eye-catching lashes that are the envy of all. Whether aiming for a natural, everyday look that enhances your inner radiance or opting for a bold, glamorous statement, mastering the art of mascara application is your ticket to show-stopping eyes! Feel free to experiment with different mascara brands and formulas, including Essence Mascara, to discover the perfect match for your lash goals. The mascara world is as diverse as your unique beauty, and now you know to make it work wonders for you. So go ahead, bat those lashes and let your eyes tell the story!