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The Highfy Story

Pakistan’s first beauty-focused e-commerce

As a beauty focused e-commerce entity, we understand how sensitive the matters of genuine products are. Every person is entitled to have the ultimate experience of using authentic, high-end products that makes them feel confident. With a lack of trustworthy online retailers currently and a dire need to have one, Highfy was launched to fulfil that gap and win hearts!

With our finely curated and ever-growing collection of 500+ International, Premium, Luxury, Niche and cult brands, Highfy strives to fulfil your Skin Care, Makeup, Haircare, Fragrance, and Personal Care needs by creating a fitting and feasible access to authentic products.

The word Highfy (pronounced like wi-fi) is commonly used in routine Urdu communication in Pakistan and has a connotation of "elite" and "highend" attached to it. The same meaning is the inspiration behind coining the name Highfy.pk that aims to become a one-stop-shop for High-end Beauty products and bring to its customers what it proudly refers to as "Truly Brands".

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Our Values 

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A Day In The Life Of Highfy

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Founder's Note

It's not so easy to trust an e-commerce in Pakistan. What we order is often different from what we receive. Or, at times we don’t get a delivery at all. The online stores that do sell authentic products charge unreasonably high prices. So where should we, the customers, go? This is the question Highfy was launched to answer. Highfy is not here to just sell products. There are thousands of websites that do that and hundreds of them claim their products to be genuine. Highfy, going a step forward, aims to regain the customer’s long-lost trust back in e-commerce. This is the vision that drove me, a student aged 20, to give life to a platform that I once dreamt of.

Why Trust Me?

With all that said, the question comes down to who I am, and why should you trust me? Apart from being the founder of Highfy, I also happen to belong to a family that has been Importing and Distributing consumer brands since 1999. Overseas Business Corporation has a reputation of importing original FMCG Brands from around the world. Our wide clientele includes some of your favorite retailers like Naheed Supermarket (Karachi), Al Fatah (Lahore), Imtiaz Supermarket, Esajee’s (Islamabad), MDS (Quetta), and more. Highfy, as a venture, is aimed at bringing this authenticity directly to end consumers like you! Although it may not be a solution for all your needs as yet, what I can commit is the authenticity and genuineness of each and every product listed on this website, complemented by exemplary customer service, and reasonable prices. However, to carry this customer-centric vision, I will need your support along the way.

Please share your valuable thoughts, experiences, and suggestions with me at hanzala@highfy.pk. For general queries, please visit the Contact Us page.Let us make this a Highfy experience for all!

Hanzala Raja

We partner directly with your favourite brands to bring the best to you!








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We’ve tried to transform the way Pakistan shops for beauty and that hasn’t been easy. Luckily for us, we have an incredible team that loves a challenge. Our team is constantly growing and evolving and we’re always on the look-out for young, energetic, highly-motivated superheroes to come aboard.If you've the following in you, please email your resume at hanzala@highfy.pk.

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