What Is Hair Serum And How To Use It?

Hair serum is a hair care and styling product that overlays the surface of your hair. Hair serum is one of the best hair care products for damaged hair. It protects your hair from pollution, dirt, dust, and sun damage. You can also control frizzed hair with the help of hair serum and get shiny and smooth hair all day long. 

What Is Hair Serum?

Hair serum is a great lubricant that helps you properly manage your hair. It is a liquid-based serum made of silicone. You can easily get strong and shiny hair by using hair serum. Hair serum is not a hair oil, so don't be confused. Hair oil works on the scalp and provides nourishment to your hair, while the serum does its job on the surface level. It has active ingredients and amino acids that help in minimizing hair breakage. Hair serum is popular and considered the best hair treatment product in Pakistan. 

How To Use A Hair Serum?

If you don't know how to use a hair serum, don't worry; this guide will help you. Here is how to use a hair serum.

When To Apply The Serum?

Hair serum is best for protection against pollution. The best time is to apply it after taking a shower. Put it on when your hair is washed and damped. It will work as a protective layer for your hair all day long. 

How To Apply Hair Serum?

When applying hair serum, start from the bottom. Then make your way towards the midsection. Avoid putting hair serum on our scalp. Putting it on your scalp will make it look greasy and oily. Hair oil provides enough nourishment to the roots of your hair. The tips of your hair need shine, so make sure to dab hair serum there. 

How Much Amount Of Hair Serum Should You Use?

Avoid over-applying the hair serum. If your hair is thin, you need a tiny amount of hair serum for the tips. For thick hair, apply a bit more. Hair serum is for everyone. You can use it for both types of hair, either thin or thick. Applying a limited amount of hair serum is important. Too much hair serum can cause greasiness. If you are going out and want to remove the greasiness urgently, then using dry shampoo can be beneficial. 

Is Serum Necessary For Your Hair?

It will be great to add hair serum to your hair care routine. Shampoo may clean your hair, but it also exposes the hair cuticles. The conditioner is great, but it does not seal the cuticle. Using a hair serum is a must for healthy hair. People who use electronic hair curlers and straighteners must have hair serum in their hair care routine. 

Can You Use Hair Serum Daily?

Do you want to use hair serum daily for unmanageable and extremely curly hair? If yes, use the oil-based hair serum. However, for normal hair, it's advisable to use hair serum accordingly. You can also use it only on the days you wash your hair. 

What Are The Benefits Of Using Hair Serum?

Hair serum has a plethora of benefits, some of which are listed below.

  • You get healthy and shiny hair. 
  • It reduces tangles.
  • It protects your hair from pollution, dust, and humidity. 
  • It prevents hair damage with the help of low pH levels. 
  • It moisturizes your hair. 

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