How To Select The Right Foundation For Your Skin Tone?

Many girls struggle with selecting the right foundation based on their skin tone. No matter how many methods or swatches they try, they end up looking like a light bulb or a darker version of themselves once the product is applied. 

If you notice that the skin of your neck and face is two different shades after the application of foundation, it means you’ve ended up with the wrong shade. The key to selecting the perfect foundation is in understanding your skin tone and undertone. 

Don’t compromise on product quality due to the higher price. Foundation usually lasts for a year, depending upon the use. We understand that makeup products prices in Pakistan are quite high, but investing in a good foundation can give you the flawless finish you so badly want in your makeup look. 

A Step-By-Step Guide To Choosing The Right Shade Of Foundation

For a gorgeous makeup look, it is essential to apply your foundation correctly. But, if you don’t know how to select the right shade, the efforts are for nothing. Here are the four essential steps that will help you get the perfect shade of foundation.

  • Understand Your Skin Tone:

There are three main categories of skin tones - Light, medium, and dark. If you’re from South Asia, you likely have a medium skin tone, whereas people from the West tend to have lighter skin. On the other hand, most Africans are born with a deep or darker shade of skin.  

To find the right foundation, you must understand which category you lie in. If you have a medium skin tone, you will have to identify the tone of your skin based on sub-divisions - tan, beige, honey, etc - to find your perfect foundation match. Refer to an infographic to find where your skin tone lies. 

  • Identify Your Undertone:

Skin undertone refers to the skin tone that reflects from underneath the surface of your skin. You might either have a cool, neutral, or warm undertone. Here are two effective methods to identify your undertone. 

  • Wrist Test: 

Look at your wrist and see which color of veins is highlighted through your skin. Blue or purple means cool, and green or olive means warm. If you are unable to see any dominant color, it means you have a neutral undertone. 

  • Sun Test: 

In case your skin starts to get red after short-term sun exposure, your undertone is cool. People who get tanned quickly in the sun tend to have a warm undertone. 

  • Swatch To Find Your Foundation Match:

Once you know your skin tone and undertone, the choice of foundation will narrow down itself. Among the few options you have left, you must try the swatch test to see if the shade matches your skin. 

Shortlist three closest shades and dab each one underneath your jawline. Hand testing will not provide you with the accuracy you want, so make sure to try it on your face. If the foundation blends in perfectly, that is your perfect match. 

  • Select The Shade That Looks Best:

Once you’ve picked one out of the three shortlisted foundations, do a little testing to see if it's the best option. Take some makeup remover on a cotton bud and sweep it across the foundation swatch. If there seems to be no difference between the applied foundation and the bare skin, it means that it is the most suitable shade. 

Here are the four steps you must follow while selecting a foundation for yourself. The base of any makeup application determines its final look, and foundation forms the base of makeup. 

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